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Sooo here is another Makoto X Reader Fanfiction for all Free! (especially Makoto Tachibana fangirls) Fans! I hope you like it! :3
“I would like to order the Jumbo-Burger Special and a strawberry milkshake.”  That was the answer of your customer after you asked him if he already decided what to order.
You were working at a small diner near the beach where a lot of people visit daily, and since a lot of people visit the diner every day you had a good job as a part time waitress. Your budget was above the average, and for a second year high schooler it was a great way to get money.

“Oh-Im- Im sorry!” you heard your collegue’s voice from another table. Looking to it, you saw Makoto, your class mate and secret crush who also worked at the diner, who was scratching his head and smiled embarrassed. Did something happened?

“Is everything alright?” you asked the customers from the table Makoto served after you stepped to them. The customer looked very angry at Makoto, and it looked like he was going to pick a fight with him. “Tell your friend to bring the right orders! I ordered a salmon salad, and what he was bringing me was a chicken salad!” the customer shouted loud, making you and Makoto step one step back. “And you call this a good diner! Liars! Every single one of you!” The customer stood up and was ready to leave, but you stopped him.

“Sir,” you started. “I think this is a misunderstanding. We are out of salmon today. Every salmon order will be changed to chicken. It is even written on the chalkboard outside next to the door. Please read it next time before you call us, the diner, liars.” Your face was serious while explaining that to him. Makoto was just looking at you, and the customer turned red as he sat down again. You noticed that other customers were looking at you, Makoto and the customer, but you did not care. Scenes like this occured daily, so you already had the expierience to handle those situations.

You turned to Makoto. “Makoto, you need to read the chalkboard too! You could have avoided this situation now, right? Next time I wont help you.” You said to him in a strict tone. You felt a little bit bad for talking to him like that. You felt like the bad one now. But Makoto smiled at you. “Thank you!” he said before he continued his shift. You blushed a little before you continued your shift too.

---Time Skip---

You sighed of happiness. “Haaa~ Time to go home~” you said to yourself, since you were alone because all the others already went home. You changed your clothes in the back in a small room, where the manager provided lockers for the workers to keep their stuff in there. It was already 9 at night and you wanted to go home quick, so you changed your clothes fast and locked the diner before making your way home.

“_____!” You suddenly heard a voice calling your name behind you. You knew the voice. And as you turned around you were still surprised to see Makoto having and coming towards you. You saw that he carried his bag in which he stored his school uniform. “Ma.. Makoto? Wasnt your shift over two hours ago? What are you doing here?” You were for sure confused that he was still around.

Or.. Or was he waiting for you?

You blushed as the thought crossed your mind. “Oh.. I.. I forgot my keys at home and right now there is noone, and Haruka is not at home, so I couldnt go to his place, so here I am.” He said while he was smiling at you. You felt like your heart was melting everytime you saw him smile. “Want me to walk you home?” he asked after you stood there for a while, looking at him and his charming smile. You turned red as you heard him asking that. Was he really willing to do it? You nodded, since you felt like you couldnt speak anymore, and then there was that gentle smile again. “Then lets go! Its already very dark.”

On the halfway to your house you just listened to him how he was talking about an upcoming swimming competition and how Rei still thinks he is not good enough so he is practicing more. “Ma.. Makoto... Not that I have anything against it.. But why do you work at the diner?” you asked him in a shy tone, which was a 180 degrees turn from ho strict you spoke to him before. “Hm? Why do you ask?” he questioned you. “I.. You know.. Im just curious, I mean you are very busy with swimming, and there is a competition coming up soon. And somehow, you find still some time to work. Isnt it more stress than usual?” You asked while you stopped walking. A normal person would avoid that huge amount of stress, except they have a reason to take all the stress to them.

He stopped walking some steps after you stopped, and he turned around to you . You could clearly see his beautiful green eyes looking into your (e/c) eyes, making him and you slightly blush. Those green eyes were as beautiful as stars in a clear night, like in that moment. “I work there to be closer to the waitress I fell in love with.” He said. You felt like your heart was getting squeezed together. He liked someone?

“_____... Do you actually like me?” He asked, stepping closer to you. “W-W-W-W-What are you suddenly talking about?” you said while looking into his eyes. You felt how your face turned more red after you said that. “It feels like you kind of dislike me.” He said, now standing in front of you. His face had a slightly sad expression.

Idiot, I love you

“Makoto, what I feel for you is the total opposite of hate.” You said to him in a calm tone while looking deep into his eyes. “So.. So you love me?” He asked while turning red. Your jaw dropped as you heard those word from him. “I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-“ you stuttered and turned red, feeling embarrassed and you couldnt think clear. Makoto smiled. “I knew it.” He said, while wrapping his arms around you.

“Ma-Ma-Makoto! What are you-“

“I love you too.” He said, hugging you more tight.

“I’ve never said that-“


“Why are you-“

“You said that-“


Then suddenly everything was perfect in that moment. The waitress he was talking about was you, he confessed to you and now he was hugging you. Slowly, you wrapped your arms about his muscular body and cuddled your face on his chest.

“I fell in love with a handsome waiter...” you whispered into his chest. “Hopefully you are talking about me.” He said. You felt that he was smiling and you cant help it but to smile too.

Yes, its you and you know it.

I love you.
First: I wrote the story in like 1 or 2 hours and I did not really thought about what exactly to write :iconlazycryplz:
I just wanted to write something...

Second: Leave some comments if you want to~

Third: I do not own the picture. It belongs to the one who made it~
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Hey hey don't shush me that way use your lips silly mamakoto
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